The Parham Family


John, Jennifer, Cooper, Cannon, Dutch, Dupree

As the new owners of MBF, we are beyond exited to continue the tradition of excellent organic farming 

John Parham


A background in aviation, a future in farming. Maybe

Jennifer Parham


Nurse by Day, resident expert on all things Morning Belle by night.



Football, Academics, Blueberries. He is comfortable on the gridiron, weed eater, and ATV. 



Australia had Steve Irwin, MBF has Cannon.  Animals, published author, short attention span.


With a Motor that never slows down, Dutch keeps us all on our toes. 


The not so baby, I pondered letting my Kids free range around the blueberries, couldn't afford to let him loose. 

Gerard Krewer

The Original planner, planter, and purveyor of the farm. Don't worry he still makes visits.

Reese Haley

A familiar face, friend , and funny guy.  The former owner and expert in Agriculture is number one on my speed dial.

Scott Houston

The provider, Scott specializes in organic products, driving at night, and knows most people in the organic game.